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10 markets in 10 days: #8

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10 markets in 10 days: day 8 - Bowl of Cream Soup Base

Over the next 10 days I will be sharing some of the items I flip on a daily basis on the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post, all of these items are part of my personal flipping portfolio which works to bring in hundreds of gold every month, for hardly any effort at all.

bowl of cream soup base

This roux-thickened soup base is the key ingredient to a variety of other soup recipes in Guild Wars 2, many aspiring chef’s use these recipes to level up their profession and get frustrated when they see the list of ingredients required to craft this gem! (Salt&Pepper, Roux & Poultry Stock)

Instead, they opt to buy the bowl of Cream Soup Base directly from the Trading Post, bypassing all the headaches involved in gathering the necessary prerequisites.

The soup currently brings in roughly 20c each, and if I am lucky I am able to buy and sell anywhere between 20 to 100 soup bases every 24 hours. Paired with other components such as Tomato Sauce, Stock’s & seasoning these item’s can bring in 1-2 gold every day!

As always, use the TP Calculator and gw2tp graphs to ensure that the item will be profitable before investing!

You should also check out the awesome Gold Wars 2 website, a premium Trading Post tool with a wealth of customisation & item tracking options!

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