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10 markets in 10 days: #4


10 markets in 10 days: day 4 - Oranges

Over the next 10 days I will be sharing some of the items I flip on a daily basis on the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post, these items are part of my personal flipping portfolio which works to bring in hundreds of gold every month, for hardly any effort at all.

4 - Orange

Oranges have sat at an all time low over the past three weeks, trading at a paltry 21 copper compared to the 55 copper it was sold for previously. When people realise that there is a lot of  chef recipes requiring oranges & karma ingredients, I foresee the orange returning to its former glory.

As I post this  Oranges have actually started rising again, but that doesn’t mean the opportunity has been lost. In fact, now is the best time for flipping!

EDIT: The price is now back to the normal, however these can still be flipped for 2 - 6 copper each depending on the time of day.

As always, use the TP Calculator and gw2tp graphs to make sure that the item will be profitable before investing!

You should also check out the awesome Gold Wars 2 website, a premium Trading Post tool with a wealth of customisation & item tracking options!


  1. I don’t know… your site is really great and i appreciate the tipps, but your Flipping tipps here strike me as somehow… counterproductive.
    Hundreds of people (i believe) read your blog and when you give a tipp such like this, hundreds of people will be trying it. And therefore making it unprofitable again (competition, undercutting, etc.)

    I believe your tipp on the oranges alone could be the reason why the price is gone back to normal, if not the lone reason then definitly a big part of it.

    • Hey Marco,

      It is true that these tips often cause the item to become unprofitable however the rise in price never lasts long and it is often profitable again the next day. Just check out the graphs for the previous items.

      The true secret is to look for similar items on the market that are also profitable, if I mention a specific superior rune then it highly probable that other superior runes are also profitable.

      As for the Oranges, they were actually on a very low price due to bots (I think) and after the recent ban wave the price has started to rise again.